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Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 2

The second week was pretty uneventful I just kept following the program and waited for weigh-in. When I started I took one of each of the packets so I enjoyed trying each one and finding my favorites. I noticed that if I didn't drink all of my water I felt more hungry. The best thing that happened is that I had no cravings! I made my daughter cupcakes and had no desire to sneak a taste. I also went to a superbowl party and was surrounded by yummy food and had no problem. I've never been on a diet where I didn't need to just have a little nibble, so I thought that was awesome. I guess it is because your blood sugar levels have stabilized and so you don't have all the nagging cravings. Hovever I did have one little stupid problem. On weigh in night we were going to some friends for dinner and I volunteered to bring potato salad because I had some potatoes that I needed to use. I was doing fine and then I weighed in. I was down 3.8 pounds. Now this is a pretty respectable weight loss for a week but I wanted another 10 pound loss! The disappointment was too much to handle and I caved and had some potato salad. Maybe I would have been ok but next I was on to the birthday cake and I was out of control! Of course afterwards I felt awful. Emotionally and physically. My tummy wasn't used to those kinds of foods so I didn't feel so good, I decided then and there that it wasn't worth it. Not only had I messed up the diet, but I didn't even enjoy doing it I was so out of control I didn't even pay attention to how the food tasted or enjoy it. The moral of the story is your second week you obviously wont loose as much as the first so be prepared. 3.8 lbs down is great and that makes 14.4 pounds in two weeks!

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  1. i am glad you realized that it is 14.4 lbs in 2 weeks, although its not 10 in 1 week, it is still one lb for every day since you started. Dont let the numbers get you down, some weeks you may only lose 2 lbs, like me... But just think.. this is literally the fastest way to lose weight, and its easy! Just think about everyone else on the diet and remember "we're all in this together".. It is WORTH it! :)
    keep up the great work.