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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Partying Summer!!!

Sounds like fun huh?  Well it has been and the scale has proven it.  The first of July we left for a family reunion, followed by a getaway to Lake Tahoe.  I got off track and I was having to much fun to refocus.  There always seemed to be an upcoming event (excuse) and reason why I couldn't get back on plan yet.  Finally after gaining 11 pounds over the last 6 weeks I decided it was time.  The only unfortunate problem was that I picked the week of the fair to start again.  Our kids show animals at the county fair, so we spend the whole week there surrounded by yummy fair food.  After all a fair is a veritable smorgousbourd (or howerver you spell that)!  But here is the good news.  Over the past 8 days I have lost not only the 11 pounds I gained, but and extra 1.8 for a total of 12.8 pounds in just over a week!  AND  I hate to admit it, but for 5 fair nights in a row I ate a Carl's Jr. low carb six dollar burger!  So now you know if you are in a pinch and need something fast those burgers obviously don't hurt too bad.  They aren't completely on protocol though, so I don't recommend trying this at home!  Anyways, I love, love, love that I can slip up a little bit every now and then and then get back on track.  I've always been one to quit if I cheated and never go back.  Not this time.  I've come to far and it is too easy not to keep going and reach my goal.  Which by the way is still a long way off, but closer than I ever imagined possible.  Now for the bad news.  If I wouldn't have cheated and taken six weeks off think where I would be now.  Another 18 pounds down!  So before you decide Kadee did it, so can I, think of the extra time you are tacking on to being on the program, and it also makes your pancreas have to kick back in and get back to work, which is not the idea here.  One thing that going off protocol did do for me, was remind me how crappy I feel when I am not eating healthy.  I actually felt bad enough that I looked forward to getting back on track.  Well here I am, committed, moving forward and I WILL get there, and I can't wait!