I have created this blog to offer ideas and hopefully some motivation as well as to inform those who may be interested in the diet. I would love comments about your successes, frustrations,ideas, or recipes. If anyone would like to share their story or recipes I would love to add you as an author to this blog.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Week 15

Down 5.6 pounds for a total of 55.4!!! The last couple of weeks I could feel my self starting to slip and not following my plan the way that I knew I should. Last weekend I called my good friend who also coaches with Ideal Protein and told her I needed some coaching. (Sometimes the coaching doesn't go over so well when it is coming from your husband:) She told me to give myself the weekend to take it easy and then to start fresh with 100% commitment. So I did, and I guess it worked. The important thing is to refocus instead of giving up. This program works too well to waste the time and money. I feel amazing and wonder what the future me will feel like. I am so happy to have found a plan that is working so well for me and am thrilled that so many of you are having such great results also. I don't know how many of you watched Oprahs show on weight loss this week, but she talked about looking past all that you see in the mirror into your eyes and into your soul. That is who we really need to love and the rest will follow. I tried this and I just started crying, because that person inside of this body is beautiful and tries hard to be a good person. I do love my soul and I want the outside of me to reflect that. Have a great week!