I have created this blog to offer ideas and hopefully some motivation as well as to inform those who may be interested in the diet. I would love comments about your successes, frustrations,ideas, or recipes. If anyone would like to share their story or recipes I would love to add you as an author to this blog.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

21 days to break a habit

I think this must be true because even though I never had any problems the first few weeks it got even easier after the third week. Here is what I've noticed. 1. I think having a few more carbs in the restricted foods has helped my brain function(not that it will ever be good);) 2. Food no longer consumes my thoughts. This program is so easy that you don't really have to think about food. In the morning I plan what meat I will have for dinner and set that out and everything else is taken care of. The hardest thing I have to do is pick a packet. 3. I no longer feel like I need to go to the fridge every few hours for a snack. My body feels completely satisfied and even when it's time to eat I'm not starving. 4. I physically feel better and I feel better about myself which makes me happier! I think everyone around me is happier when I'm happy so all in all things are going great! Still, the only thing that I get hung up on is knowing I will be doing this for a looong time and feeling sorry for myself, but one day at a time I will keep on trucking.


  1. I wish I could hug you! Your blog has given me so much encouragement that I can reach my goals too! You look so great here at 4 weeks!

  2. I just finished day 1 of the program! Totally appreciated reading your blog. Was a hard day for cravings but did it! Thanks for sharing everything experiences and recipes. Wish me luck!

  3. I just got to week 2 and Im having such a rough time, I just want to eat, I feel so hungry and my cravings for food are still strong, please tell me their is a lght at the end of this tunnel I havent cheated or given up but I am finding this program to be hard :(

  4. I am at the end of week 2. Your blog is awesome. Thanks so much..