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Monday, March 15, 2010

Ideal Protein Seminar

Scott and I spent the weekend at an awesome Ideal Protein seminar. We learned so much and it was great for me to see people who have actually done the program, lost tons of weight, and kept it off for years. There was a lady there who was in the initial trial group at UCLA seven years ago. She lost 160 pounds and has kept it off since then. To see her in person and to see her before picture was incredible. She had her shirt tucked in and was wearing jeans. I would guess she weighs about 120 now. It is amazing to think that you can go from what she looked like in her before picture to her cute little self now. Very inspirational for me! There were lots of other big loosers too. A man who was down 170 and still going, a cute little grandma who was down 90, a 60 year old lady who was down 65 and can't beleive that here measurements are smaller now than they were in her 20's. It was very exciting for me to see the success of others and know that it really is possible. We learned that they will soon be coming out with four new products all unrestricted. We learned that there are a few possible reasons that their may not be a huge loss one week. One is hormones, especially before or during a woman's menstrual cylce, another is constipation, there can be 15 pounds stored in the colon, so sometimes you just may need to go potty;), and another is obviously cheating. I figure that when you cheat it takes you at least 3 days to get back in ketosis and start burning fat efficiently. You can test this yourself by using ketone sticks to make sure you are in ketosis. Do not cheat just to check it out though because you will loose half of your week. On AVERAGE a woman will loose 3-4 pounds and a man will loose 5-7. That is an average, so if you have a bad week for one of those reasons just keep on going and things will all balance out. We will be having a class in the next few weeks put on by Ideal Protein people who will be flying in, so if you know anyone who should come we will keep you posted about a day and time and we would love to have as many people there as possible. The successes we have seen so far are so exciting and we would love to help more people. Keep up the good work everyone and I will post again Tuesday for my 7 week weigh in.

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  1. Hi there, just wanted to say I needed the encouragement, I'm having trouble with my bowels and I think that's why my weight loss has been slow. I'm trying the citro mag so hopefully next weigh in will be better, once I get rid of some junk :)